The world is filled with distractions. everything around us blinks, rings, sings, shouts, distracts, vibrates, reminds, likes, comments and down- loads. the chaos and beauty of the world is being overshadowed by technological distractions and tweets that possess no lasting significance outside the screen they’re displayed.

Anything sing is our attempt to rise above that chaos by creating our own environments and settings. on different surfaces. new canvases. on concrete. on walls. on water. on arms, with ink. something permanent. Like moments.

Director: Kai neville / WHAT YOUTH

I wrote this and have no idea where to submit it , so I thought I’d just post it to my blog. It’s meant to be for a short play or short film. Enjoy.

Narrator: Megan and Jessica are 20-somethings living together in New York City – correction: Brooklyn. The exact neighborhood is irrelevant because shut up who cares. They, along with Gina, have been best friends since college.

Megan: Jess. I am so sorry about your mom. What a shock.

Jessica: Thanks. Yeah.

Megan: Did they find out who did it? Any leads?

Jessica: No, they have no leads.

Megan: I can’t believe she was brutally murdered like that. I just saw her face on TV one morning when I was eating my half-cup of Greek yogurt with 2 leaves kale, and suddenly, I realized it was your mom! Small world.

Jessica: I guess so.

Megan: Insane they found her rotting in an acid bath? Where do you even get that?

Jessica: I have no idea. Maybe home depot.

Megan: She had great pores. (more…)